Sparkle During The Holidays

Me in my Ashish sequin sweat pants purchased on ebay, post Holiday Poker Party.

Me in my Ashish sequin sweat pants purchased on ebay, post Holiday Poker Party.

The holidays pose many style challenges. For one thing, we’re usually crazy busy, stressed and bloated from all of those mixed nuts, red and green M&Ms, creamy cocktails and Christmas cookies. Pretty hard to feel pretty when your pants pinch and your blouse binds.

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Going Commando

I have never felt normal.

Normal things make me feel abnormal, which makes me uneasy.

This is not normal. But it is my normal.

Therefore, in order to navigate what normally is a non-issue for most normal ladies, I deploy one of two sartorial strategies:

1) CUT IT OUT: Use scissors to cut the knees, necks and toes out of jeans, tops and boots, and/or

2) SWITCH IT OUT: Wear something intended for one use for another, less obvious one (i.e. wear a knit skirt as an infinity scarf.)

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Is Your Closet Full Of Stolen Goods?

Fast, fake and practically free is how the current retail monsters spit out fashion. They barely wipe their mouths before gobbling up and knocking off the best of SS15, hustling them to H&M and Forever 21 months before the real things hit Barney’s. And by then, we’re all sort of over it. It’s not fair.

I truly believe in the real thing, as does Jslow who wrote about her “Hate of Fakes” here. I’d rather wait for a sale, or stalk the Real Real, Vestiaire Collective, ebay and consignment shops for those Rick Owens OTK sneakers than buy a cheap imitation at Zara. Authenticity and originality are worth something. More than something, they’re worth everything.

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Cyber Monday’s Silver Lining

By now your inbox is stuffed with all manner of “Cyber Monday” markdowns. Black Friday crowds may be a nightmare, but computer crowds are almost as bad, with coveted items either sold-out or hard to reach due to heavy traffic that slows load times. Not only that, but the sheer volume of deals is daunting and has left me paralyzed. But then again, I don’t want to miss out!

Thus are the joys and pains of technology. On last night’s Newsroom, one of the story lines involved the “old media” vs. “new media” debate, and perceived inferiority of one vs. the other. I won’t add to that argument here, and clearly, if it wasn’t for technology and all of the advancements and things that come with it, I wouldn’t be able to toss this out into cyberspace right now.

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