Outtamyhead With Levi’s

Levi's SilverTab campaign 1999San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart. I went to college in that beautiful city and before that mooched rides from my lonely suburb to get to clubs on Broadway to watch punk bands play as an underage-but- with-I.D.-high-schooler thanks to my sister who is six years older than me.

San Francisco is a remarkable place.

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My Small, Skinny, Gay Wedding

And just like that, one week I’m attending a funeral, the next, a wedding.

John, a friend I’ve had since the fifth grade – 42 years! – just married Bill, his partner of the last 25. They live with their daughters in Vegas and have been active in gender equality all their lives. And now it was their turn to finally get hitched.

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Red Carpet Under My Feet


I live my life in the not invited/can’t afford category. This sounds negative but it’s not. I’ve always loved dressing up. It’s my comfort clothing. Like jeans and a sweatshirt are to some, I love dresses, heels and dangling earrings. I can use any excuse to dress up. Even a funeral. And luckily, at my age, there’ll be more and more of them in my future. See… positive.

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Funeral For a Friend

best stained glass

I was supposed to write a New York Fashion Week piece riffing off of Jslow’s “Dude, I want to look like a lady” post, but I just can’t. Not in the mood.

My eyes are shot. I’m dressed in black. Who died?

Desiree’s mom, that’s who. And “Dude, I’m riding BART home from the funeral.”

I met Des on day two of my first post-college ad agency job 30 years ago. Now she’s “The Weaver”. Too long a story to explain. Actually, screw it, I’m going to.

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Dude, I Want to Look Like a Lady

NYFW Fall 2015
(Left to right: Victoria Beckham, The Row, Jason Wu, Altuzarra)

I don’t think any amount of coats would get me to New York right now. My blood is West Coast thin and I’m enjoying sitting outside in 68º weather watching New York Fashion Week via instagram and style.com in the same pair of art stained Acne jeans i’ve had on for three straight days.

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