These Jeans Lift Your Butt and Your Spirits

I’m pretty sure that the 2nd most traumatic thing to shop for, behind the dreaded swimsuit, is a pair of jeans.

As horrifying as swimwear is to struggle into over underpants and under fluorescent lights, at least this terrifying trip to the dressing room precedes a vacation trip to a beach and/or pool and sun. Horror shifts to happy pretty quick, no matter how bad we think we look, when tropical drinks with umbrellas are involved.

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Up Your Nose With Those Stupid Hose

Apparently, nude hose are trendy. So says the Wall Street Journal here.


Millennials never had to deal with hose as part of a mandatory work uniform, back in the stone ages when women of a certain age gingerly jerked LLegs over semi-shaved stems, under Ann Taylor pencil skirts, armed with clear nail polish in our brief case next to the white-out, ready to stop runs in their tracks.

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