Cinch It With a (Borscht) Belt

cedric charlier featured shoes on rug copyWhile Jslow binge-shops Moda Operandi to experience the rush of the hunt without the financial purge, I shopped Moda Operandi last September to order a pair of shoes straight off the runway. They arrived last week.

Shopping the runway today for something you won’t get for 180 tomorrows is addictive and fun and depressing all at the same time. The prices are high, and when you do find something remotely affordable to put in your digital basket, you must wait six months before it arrives. By that time, styles have already moved on, and what seemed fresh and fantastic last Fall is already dated and done before it even hits the shelves. That’s what this fast- fashion, over-exposed, over-saturated and “now I’m over it” digital age has done to us.

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Nothing to Lose

check out bagI’ve been playing a new game called, What Do All My Desires Cost Me? When I’m fed up with homework, I open up my laptop, visit some of my favorite online stores, and fill up my shopping bags with anything and everything I want and crave. 2 items? 200 items? It’s all the same. At checkout I look at the grand total and “walk out” of the “store”. I’m virtually shopping, virtually harming no one.

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I’ve Been Schooled on Birkenstocks


It all started with Celiné. A french label loved for its casual french luxury. Commandeering the Birkenstock headquarters and hijacking what might be the ugliest shoe trend to ever hit the streets in the ’70s, Céline wrapped the dreaded hippie slide in fur and smooth black leather, got rid of the hardware and easily charged a cool $1K. Women went crazy. The furkenstock sold out. It was 2013.

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