Surviving Another Mother’s Day

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I hate Mother’s Day and thank god I have a full year until the next one ruins my weekend. I don’t have a mom nor am I one, so I have my reasons (you can read more about that here.)

Although I have to say that other than having shitty flowers left to pick from at Andronico’s Market due to all of the gifting (I just needed them for decor), I survived better than usual.

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Amanda Peet’s Honest Essay about Aging in Hollywood












I fell in love with Amanda Peet during the recent two-season run of HBO’s Togetherness by the Duplass brothers (Indie filmmakers behind the “Puffy Chair”, “Tangerine” and other mumblecore type films. Sadly, it has not been renewed.

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Purple Reign

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Yesterday, I arrived at the airport for a quick work trip to LA. I was feeling quite good and relaxed, having given myself plenty of time to get there. Not only that, but I had the “pre-check” icon on the right corner of my boarding pass, allowing me to breeze past the snaking line of people lugging overstuffed carry-ons, faces hung over their phones like ornaments on a christmas tree.

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Whoever Said “Winning isn’t everything” is a Liar

A few nights ago, I played in my first USTA 3.0 singles tennis match.

Here is how it went down.

I woke up match morning in a funk that flourished as the day progressed. A combination of work woes, financial stress and overall Monday malaise depleted my energy and sucked out every ounce of self-confidence I had.

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