Shop Nordstrom and Stop Trump

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My two obsessions, fashion and politics, have collided spectacularly this week and I’m downright giddy.

The #grabyourwallet boycott of brands and products that endorse and/or enrich the Trump family continues to apply pressure and is making a real difference; just look what happened with #deleteuber and Kalanick’s withdrawal from Trump’s Economic Advisory Council.

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Activism Attire: I’m Going to a Protest and Have Nothing to Wear



A few days after Trump won the election, I continued to shuffle around in a sad, shocked and scared stupor like pretty much everybody I know In the bubble. Trump’s supporters were the hand, Trump the pin, and POP, our bubble was burst into a million pieces.

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The Closet of My Dreams


Believe it or not, the occasional company or brand will ask us to write about them in exchange for their products. This does not happen very often. When it does, we tend to decline, because we can’t write about or recommend something we don’t like or wouldn’t use. We’re terrible liars.

A few weeks back, we got a note from MakeSpace, a company we’d never heard of, wanting us to write about what our dream closet might look like. Once we explored what MakeSpace does (it makes space! but more on that later), we agreed.  Read More

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