That $1,000 Coat is Not Far Fetched

As you may or may not know, Jslow and I are huge fans of Farfetch, a site that aggregates all of the most edgy, indie, high-end boutiques around the world into one shoppable super-mall. We’ve found many of our favorite pieces on Farfetch, and have linked to them loads of times over the past few years. So we were thrilled when they asked us to post a guide to their “Definitive Coats of the Season” which is below.

To be honest, their prices can be scarier than florescent dressing room lights after a large lunch, and induce hives and heavy sweating, but get this, ladies,

It’s worth it. And I have proof.

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To the Moon, Millennials

I have a bone to pick.

According to the media and everyone else, Millennials are taking over the world. They out number us, out spend us, out tech us, out-young us, out-employ us, out-awesome us.

The rest of us are made to feel we must adore them and adapt.

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