What Not To Wear Over 40: “Trousers With Fewer Fucks”


“What Not to Wear” is one of my favorite TV shows ever.

It really was a modern day “My Fair Lady”: hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, all proper annunciation and sharp duds, plucking a disheveled “Eliza” from her feral fashion habitat to groom into a trained on-trend lady, ready for her “big reveal” to family and friends at the local Olive Garden. Not exactly rags to riches, but definitely rags to tailored trousers. And a $5,000 shopping spree.

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Vetememes Makes Vetements For Everyone

vetememes rain poncho

I haven’t written about “high” fashion these days.

And I think I know why.

For one thing, the only times I leave the house are either to practice yoga or play tennis. I have those outfits nailed by sporting ripped So Low leggings (yoga) or baggy Adidas shorts under Nicopanda sweatpants (tennis), both anchored in Rick Owens Cargo sandals. These sandals, by the way, are often mistaken for leg splints or plantar fasciitis support shoes.

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