Ding Dong, We’re Back!


Illustration by Jslow.

Illustration by Jslow.

This is no trick.

Hopefully, dear readers, you will find this post a treat in your in-box or on your computer screen. The good kind of treat like a bag of M&Ms or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (large size, not small), and not the bad kind like sugar-free gum or a handful of pennies.

It’s fitting we’re debuting our new blog “costume” on Halloween. After all, we launched on Halloween THREE YEARS AGO, when Jslow posted about her love for Halloween, and me, my utter hatred of it.

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My Uncommon Love of Socks

Good-bye Summer! Take your fog and smog and humidity and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Hello Fall. Bring me your sweaters, pumpkin lattes, candy corn and yarn-y scarves and swaddle me in warmth as I binge-watch House of Cards. Lay down that blanket of red and yellow leaves to soften my steps into the cold crush of the holidays. Clean my palate between the extremes of Summer and Winter.

Me in my Solemate socks from UncommonGoods. Jeans: Rag & Bone. Sweatshirt: Vintage, from local San Francisco shop The General Store.

Me in my Solemate mismatched socks from UncommonGoods. Jeans: Rag & Bone. Sweatshirt: Vintage, from local San Francisco Outer Sunset shop The General Store.

Enter the sock, my favorite fall fashion accessory and the best way to soften any steps. They’re critical as we transition from Birkenstocks to boots, and for protecting our bare feet from the cold floors inside.

A fantastic place to buy warm, fun and fashionable socks is UncommonGoods. It may not seem like the most obvious place to purchase apparel: For years I’ve bought pillows and plates and paper weights — whimsical and useful items for my home and office. But while cruising for coasters, I detoured over to Jewelry & Accessories and made the happy discovery.

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Warby Parker’s Beacon Until Dawn

beacon-imageYoung, blithe and budgeted marked our time spent in our teens and twenties. We bargain hunted seaside boardwalks, thrift stores and the mall for treasured items that announced “I am.” The cheaper and more lurid the better to underscore and over-share our nonchalance.

Wistful are the days of youth. But perspective is a benefit of aging to be appreciated.

As time passes, budgets grow if the plan goes as planned. Our “I am’s” become more expensive, shouting our sense of arrival. I am here and I am succeeding.

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A Short Story About Shorts

While Jslow went to Bermuda(s) to tackle the summer heat, I went the opposite route during last weekend’s mini heat-wave: I stayed home and played shortstop.

Shorts Paula blankstareblink1

My sunny Sunday outfit: Eyebobs readers, James Perse sweatshirt, Each X Other engineer jeans cut into shorts, Steven Alan plaid shirt tied around waist, Chanel sneakers.

I’d just suffered through eight straight days of fog that buried the western half of the city in gloomy grey gunk, and my whole being ached for sun. Apparently, this outer San Francisco phenomenon is called “Junuary” — you know, January in June, and it really threw me for a loop.

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