Halloween (post), Post-Mortem

I’ve finally emerged from my candy and red wine haze after a raucous night of serving over 500-plus kids in my hood. I could have bought a Chanel bag with the money I spent on all the candy I handed out. Maybe I’ll start hating Halloween like Paula.

Anyway, I’m usually not one to re-visit, but I’ve been asked to. It seems that the “mom” outfit was very polarizing. From my son worrying that no one knew it was a costume—bingo—to those that thought I might offend some fellow moms.

It was really an experiment for my kids. They draw me with long hair and in comfy clothes.

Like all great moms (wink), I wanted to give my kids what they thought they wished for: a mom who doesn’t wear black all the time, a mom who doesn’t dye her hair every shade in the Pantone book, a mom who doesn’t stumble in the playground because of absurd high heels.

Happily, this morning, they asked me to never look like Halloween Mom again.

But the moral really is, be who you feel comfortable being. I’ve been trying to teach that to my kids since they could look into my eyes. I finally learned that lesson on Monday night.

left: before, right: after

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