Chanel Cornucopia illustration by Paula.

Hopefully you’ll take JSlow’s advice and don a dress this Thanksgiving.  Want to amp-up the “I am going to eat like a horse but be comfortable and look fabulous doing so?”

Bring a big bag.

The palatial purse serves many purposes:

  1. Creates the illusion of a smaller body by virtue of comparison
  2. Diverts guests’ eyes away from body/ensemble issues (look! A big sparkly bag!)
  3. Stores sweatpants and a big sweater for emergency gravy spills and burst seams.
  4. Discreetly transports leftover ham, rolls and pie without making one feel like a pig.
  5. Provides ample belly coverage whether sitting in one’s lap, or being held between the eye-sight/gut line of you other Thanksgiving revelers.

Here are some big bags to complete your Thanksgiving looks (bag numbers correspond with JSlow’s gowns:)

1: Valentino Rose Bag

2: Prada Fur Bag.

3: Proenza Schouler Suede Cross-body Bag.

4: Laura B Mesh + Fur Bag.

5: Jerome Dreyfuss Leopard Bag.

Now go strap on your most fabulous feedbag and have a happy Thanksgiving.  And remember, purse prices plummet tonight, so be sure to add a big bag to your Black Friday shopping list.

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