Je Déteste L’emballage

I hate packing. I hate packing. I hate packing. I hate packing. I hate packing. This has been the loop playing in my head for over a week now. I really do hate packing. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

I will reorganize the entire house, take my dog on more walks than needed, shove needles up my nails, anything to not pack.

And now, because of kids, I have six bags to pack. Carry-ons for both kids and me, plus three suitcases. I let my husband pack himself. He blows it every time and forgets a myriad of what he needs, but he’s a grown man and that’s his problem. The micromanaging has to stop somewhere.

So, packing is now procrastination times three.

I was looking online the other day and found this gorgeous Lanvin suitcase. Boy would it be a lot more fun to pack if this was lying on the bed. But at roughly $4,000 I’m going to have to find inspiration elsewhere.

My problem is, I’m a Gemini, which gives me a split personality. I love everything from Vintage 1920’s to Rick Owens. I know, that’s a pretty wide spread—a chasm of choices and procurement opportunities. It makes packing a disaster. I never know how I’m going to be feeling seven days into my trip, or an hour from now. It’s very schizophrenic and makes me start shaking knowing I have to make some hard decisions deciding my sartorial future.

Still, I have to start somewhere, and I like to start with going to the airport and boarding the plane.

I’ll be traveling from New York to San Francisco. I try and wear items that can be used throughout the trip and even repurposed for the days ahead.

1. Pamela Love 2. Crumpet 3. J. Brand 4. Preen 5. Faliero Sarti 6. Chippewa 7. Sonia Rykiel

Like many, I love J Brand jeans. My favorite style is Maria in Hewson (black). The cotton/elastane blend gives it the perfect stretch for comfort but is also excellent for holding the shape of the jeans. It irks me when jeans get saggy knees, and I don’t have that problem with these. I can use this jean silhouette throughout the trip and dress it up with a nice little pump,  go rugged with my engineer boots, or completely casual with converse. They go from hi to lo with ease. Pants, check.

I also like to wear a lightweight cashmere of some sort. I always get chilled on flights and enjoy the feel of something soft next to my skin. I love a v-neck. It looks better on me and adds a little 1950’s sexy. This too will be worn again and again over a dress or under a blazer. It’s an excellent item to layer and also goes hi/lo like the jeans. Top, check.

Jackets get tricky because of bulk and other people’s complete dismissal of what is folded so nicely in the overhead bin. I love this Preen jacket. One, it’s reversible. Two, the collar is removable, which makes it a chic bolero to wear over a pretty dress. It’s truly three jackets in one! Jacket and nighttime wrap, check, check.

I always wear a scarf to be used as a blanket or wadded up into a pillow. This adds mileage to looks away from home. Color, check.

Now I just need to throw in a dress, blazer, a pair of pumps, some statement jewelry and I’m done. I wish it were that easy.

This will sound weird, but when packing I always think of the French. I recall hearing once that they’re the opposite of Americans in their consumerism, and that they buy quality over quantity. Think beautiful basics, exquisite tailoring, timeless separates. Someone else can tell me if it’s true, but like the I-hate-packing loop, the French and their fabled uniform has been stuck in my head for years. I wonder if it’s easier for them to pack?

That said, maybe the Lanvin bag is a good start the next time a trip is scheduled. Oui?

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