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I’m on the way to meet with my Dr. Martens clients up in Portland.

I happen to love Dr. Martens, and have been wearing them forever.

But this post is not about Dr. Martens per se.  Dr. Martens, or the issue of wearing Dr. Martens through airport security, inspired this post.

See these boots?

They took about 2 minutes to take off, and more than 4 to put back on.

In “airport time,” that’s like 5 hours.

In a post 9-11 world, airport security footwear removal is a factor.  Especially when simultaneously dealing with a computer and a phone and an ipod and liquids and layers and jewelry.  I shudder to think what adding kids to this mix would do (I have to ask JSlow.)

No matter how well prepared I think I am, I typically end up tangled in a sweater with a shoe stuck to my foot and dirty looks stuck to the back of my head.

Some of my favorite shoes (all in the boot category) are favorites because of the buckles and grommets and drapey leather and laces and all manner of embellishment that make them so spectacular….and spectacularly hard to get on and off.

I’m often seen hoping up and down in line, working my shoes off in stages so that I don’t cause a ruckus once I produce my ID.  And I must admit, nothing makes me more proud than to spot my shoes in the bin, gliding down the conveyer belt runway to applause from the agents (if I don’t get a “great shoes” comment I pout), far and away the most fashionable, fantastic shoes in this airport fashion show.

So here are some of my favorite boots to wear, in descending order of how long they take to don and doff:

Ann Demeulemeester wrap boots: 4:58 on/3:32 off.

These Demeulemeester’s have been holding court in my closet for almost a decade.  They often ensnare neighboring shoes in their web of laces and buckles.

Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots: 4:16 on/2:03 off.

Every girl should own something by Ms. Westwood.  These iconic boots are a pain in the ass to get on and off, but so worth the effort as they seriously are the most comfortable boots I own, and add instant attitude to the tamest ensemble.

Martin Margiela Sock boots: 2:42 on/1:32 off.

Jslow cringed when I bought these.  Due to the hidden leather “sleeve” beneath the sock, these are tougher to get on and off than they appear.

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing Uggs and flip-flops cowering in their bins, all too aware of how hideous they are.  Just because they are easy to take on and off, it doesn’t make it right.

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    Babes – I have a pair of buckled, platform Fluevog Boots that I bought for the one burning man trip that I never went too. I;ve been quite intimidated by them all these years, as they have a very Thunderdome vibe but equally I have a mad crush on them. Cause the;re tough and sorta sexy. Next time we get together I want to get your input …before I take the leap and wear them to work, potentially scaring everyone off in my path down the beige corporate corridor!!!!

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