An Army of Inspiration

Today I had a new business meeting at a partner ad agency, and as normal, I scrambled to assemble proper meeting attire, which in my world is dark jeans sans holes, a top that won’t cause sweating, and shoes that say “I mean business” as both a professional and fashion lover.

Today’s shoes were this recent purchase from Barney’s: Givenchy, or per Jslow’s recent post, Zshee Von She gladiator sandals. It’s important to feel good and confident in situations where one can feel bad and insecure, and these shoes have that power to help me put my best foot forward.

Prior to the meeting’s start, I was chatting with a very young, very smart and very adorable account executive who was wearing a bright pink blazer from H&M. I would look like a Mary Kay sales woman circa 1987 in that thing; she looked fresh and pretty. I ribbed her a bit and she said she loved Barbie, and that this was her Barbie homage piece.

She then told me she snapped the heads off of her Barbies, and I told her that I had my G.I Joe snap the head’s off of my Barbies for me. I loved my Barbies, but I secretly loved my G.I. Joes more.

I also loved playing with those small plastic army men. Remember them? We’d precisely position them in rows on piles of dirt in the backyard, only to shoot them down with rubber-band guns made with sticks and clothes pins. My obsession with military items never subsided, as during my college waitressing years I lived in army pants and used its many pockets to house my order pad, pens, forks and tips. To this day, I have 2 pair that I wear legs left long and languid over flats, or rolled at the ankle with heels.

Those green plastic army men are such a great, timeless piece of design. And it’s clear I am not the only one obsessed. A simple Google search unearthed an army man candle holder, necklace and gummi army men candy to name a few scores. That molded plastic form of monochromatic green is graphic, sharp, nostalgic and contemporary all at the same time.

Here are some fashion picks inspired by my love of those green plastic army men. Next time you need to build your fashion confidence, go into battle with something inspired by the men who do it best.


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