Best Supporting Spouse

Kimberly Brooks, by Paula

To catch you up, the last I spoke to Kimberly Brooks, she was just back from the New York Film Critics Awards (where her husband won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Drive) and tending to a broken sink and catching up on three days away from her home and two kids. It was a few days away from the Golden Globes and she still had the perfect shoe to find.

Is this your first Golden Globe?  Yes, It’s my very first not sitting on the couch.

When you found out you were going, what’s the first thing that crossed your mind, and it doesn’t have to be, “I hope Albert wins”.  No. Instantly is was, “omg I have to loose ten pounds”.

Elizabeth Stewart by Kimberly Brooks

What’s your process been in figuring out exactly what you’re going to wear?  The first thing I did was call Elizabeth Stewart. She was the first stylist to sit for me for my show “The Stylist Project”. I said, “The tables have turned, honey. Now it’s your turn to paint me.”

Is this the first time you’ve worked with her? Yes!

Are you enjoying the process?  I am. It’s like having a stylish girlfriend sit in the dressing room with you but with the precision, efficiency and adamancy of a military general.

Have you decided who you’ll be wearing?  I’m wearing Alexander McQueen. As luck would have it I found a very graphical vintage red beaded bib necklace that fits directly over my cleavage so it takes it to a whole new level.

Is the McQueen a loan or did you splurge? I splurged!  But Elizabeth got me a great discount!

Are you trying to channel anyone?  I just chopped off my Hippie Venice Artist hair and gave it a shock of blonde for the event. I wanted a “style” otherwise I just end up wearing my hair up. I’m going for Julie Christie circa 1963.

Everyone has a feature they want to show off and a feature they can’t stand about themselves. What are yours?  I have great lips, and a small waist. I’m accentuating those two.

Of all the actresses nominated this year, who’s outfit are you most excited to see?  I ran into Mara Rooney at a party for the Golden Globe Nominees. She was wearing the chicest off the shoulder black dress and I asked her who it was. “Lanvin for H&M” she said. I’m dying to see what she’ll wear to the real thing.

Your the complete package: pretty, talented, interesting, accomplished. But you’re also, human. Tell me, there’s got to be one actress you’d rather not have to be photographed next to.  Angelina Jolie. She’s the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen. I won’t stand anywhere near her!

We’d all feel Kimberly’s pain having to stand next to Mrs. Jolie-Pitt. But looking at her here on the red carpet, Kimberly served up a nice slice of side-dish, doing all wives, moms, and plus ones proud. We look forward to seeing you at the Oscars as a Plus Won.

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