Breaking Wind

While Jslow complains about the rain, I’d like to whine about the wind. It’s been smacking cigarette butts into my hair and yanking receipts from my hands. I’ve had to look fairly put together the past few days, which is hard when I’m being blown apart by big blasts of air.

Rain has specific gear to help one ward-off the wetness. Wind has “the breaker” which is the butt of many jokes and typically worn on men you make fun of who also sport Dockers and dowdy white athletic shoes (not to be confused with trainers, which are “cool”) to complete the un-look. They typically come in some sort of beige and feature logos of defunct dotcoms. Hideous is too kind a word.

The windbreaker doesn’t stand a chance at high fashion when you consider it’s main components: synthetic nylon, an elastic waistband and a zipper. In isolation, these elements are harmless. Together, they conspire to prevent the wind from penetrating the shell while also preventing you from you looking chic.

And really, does that cheap nylon really “break” the wind?  How do you “break” the wind anyway? In any event, here are a few jackets that may break the bank without breaking a single strand of wind. Which is not the point if they look this great.


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