Drawing Inspiration From the Olympics

Like JSlow, I grew up the daughter of a coach, and the Wide World of Sports was a Sunday fixture in our house too. Especially in those days of limited entertainment options before cable TV and the internet, the Olympics were a magical event, something we couldn’t wait for.

So when I read Jslows’ post from my Salt Lake City hotel room, calling me an Olympic “Buzzkill,” I had to admit that she was right.

Maybe it hit home because I read those words from the location of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. I happened to be in Salt Lake City attending the Outdoor Retailers Show at The Salt Palace, which served as the Olympic Media Center for those Winter Games. Many of the overflowing hotels that housed us were built to support the influx of athletes and media that would descend on this Mormon settlement. Since my hotel TV cable offerings were slim, I kept landing on Olympic coverage. I was surrounded.

So I succumbed. The Women’s gymnastic team had just won gold, and the adorably awesome Gabby Douglas, aka “The Flying Squirrel,” charmed me. And she looked so pretty in pink against her dark skin.

I still have issues with some of the hyperbolic human interest stories and the nation vs. nation aspect of the games, but how often does a whole world come together to watch feats of courage and athleticism like this? Not only that, but these games are a pop-culture phenomenon and are sure to inspire fashion collections to come. Some Olympic front-runners will even sit front row during Fashion Week. JSlow was right, I was wrong. For admitting defeat, I deserve a medal.

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