Fashion Weak

T’was the night before Fashion Week….

…And all through the tent, not a creature was stirring…

We suck.

Blank Stare, Blink was inspired by JSlow’s experience at the Donna Karan show during Spring 2012 Fashion Week. She was so excited to be there, while everyone else was…flashing the blank stare and solemnly blinking.

Fast forward to today. Fashion Week is here and we are where?

I’m in San Francisco, working at my day job, while dealing with the very sad reality that I may have to give up the two most adorable shelter kittens you’ve ever seen due to the extreme allergic reaction they have caused my husband to have. I’ve been so distraught and self-absorbed I forgot Fashion Week started yesterday until JSlow sent me the schedule on Monday.

Baby girls guarding Isabel Marant Beckett Sneakers. Photo by Paula.

Jslow is in Brooklyn, planning her son’s Harry Potter-Come as a Muggle Bowling Birthday Party for this Saturday, helping with her daughter’s homework and juggling a million other things that most grown women have to deal with.

Our lives got in the way of our first Fashion Week as Blank Stare, Blink.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we’re not excited. We are. We just dropped the ball. Fell down on Fall.

Thanks to friends at W and Nylon, Jslow will be attending shows she can squeeze in between class field trips and baseball practice.

I’ll be glued to, The Cut, the New York Times and all manner of Fashion Week coverage from the front row of my computer.

Fall is our favorite season, and we can’t wait for that parade of boots and sweaters and furs and leathers to crush the lace and linens of spring.

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