Friends In Need

Hurricane Sandy devastated many communities in New York and New Jersey. I live in a Brooklyn neighborhood that got lucky. My neighbors in Red Hook did not have the same fortune. Favorites like Baked, The Good Fork, The Lobster Pound and Erie Basin are gone. As well as countless homes and personal effects for all the people that live there.

Now just a memory is Far Rockaway, Queens. Rockaway Taco, Caracas, Boarders Surf Shop, and the beautiful boardwalk I rode on day after day with my friend Gina (GG) and our kids—demolished.

I can’t stop thinking of all the lovely people I’ve met in these special communities. Like Matt and Travis who taught GG and me, and our four collective kids to surf. Or bright new talent, Bethany. Or Jen and Joe who’s condo we rented just steps away from the beach.

New York is a special place and a resilient one. I know these communities will rebuild and be back better and stronger than before. But until then, the people hardest hit  need some help. Instead of buying that newest something you think you really, really need—press the button below.

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    Oh man, Rockaway! I’m so sad for everyone including my favorite jewelry store Erie Basin. I will press the button… thank you BSB!

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