How Golden Are Your Globes?

I’m with Paula about being more comfortable inside—don’t even ask about my African Safari trip and having to shop at REI.

The inside is what it’s all about. And while it’s wonderful to strut around the great outdoors in the new acquisitions the majority of us have either been gifted, or gifted to ourselves, it all feels kind of hollow and icky if we don’t feel fantastic inside. With that in mind, let’s talk boobs.

New Year, New Resolutions, New Underwear.

When I first began working as a stylist, I quickly learned that the foundation you wear underneath your outfit is everything to the fit of the garments. Who cares if it’s a great Gucci dress if you look like a sad sack in it. The right bra can make you look perky and twenty; the wrong one like some saggy old hag. Same philosophy applies to underwear. You can have a smooth backside or a lumpy quartered bum, or, even worse, the toe of a certain animal.

Soon I will be visiting my favorite boob guru: Linda, of Linda’s on Madison Avenue. If you google her you can read all the testimonials. I like the place because they’re quick, and when I get the right bra on, miraculously, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, I look taller and my guns look great! I get basic, slightly padded—I don’t like to show my headlights—black bras. Wacoal tends to be the brand that fits me just right, but that’s just me.

Everyday bras shouldn’t be about fashion, but about fit. Basic, comfortable, wearable pieces. Am I attached to the lacy, pretty and patterned varieties? Of course! But if you actually have breasts, like I do, stay away, especially from the 6th floor of Barney’s.

In the end it’s a personal thing, but I highly recommend seeing a professional for your bra fitting. And trust me, you won’t find them at Target.

So here’s to laying the foundation to all the great items already hanging in your closet, and to a fantastic new you in 2012.

Once you’ve worked on your inside, you can get back to the shallow and more fun outside. Just remember not to let the panties ruin the party.

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