JSlow + Paula’s Excellent Fashion Adventure

Front row at the IFB conference, September 4 + 5, 2012

Pardon the early post; Jslow and I are meeting at 7:30 AM to head over to Lincoln Center for the very first New York Fashion Week Runway show featuring Nicholas K. I am groggy and giddy and feeling a bit gross due to the bag of bodega Kettle Corn I downed for dinner late last night.

Thus begins “Part Two” of me and JSlow’s Excellent Fashion Adventure.

“Part One” was attending the two-day Independent Fashion Blogger’s Conference which concluded yesterday; “Part Two” is Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week which starts bright and early today!

Let’s discuss Part One.

I mentioned in my last post that I was nervous about all of this, so with that in mind, here is what we saw when we rounded the corner of Mercer Street in Soho to attend day One of the IFB Conference on Tuesday:

The long line to enter the IFB Conference at 82 Mercer, September 4, 2012.

We were horrified. This was an even bigger deal than we thought.  And even though we had our own ideas of what the other bloggers would look like and dress like and be like, nothing prepared us for onslaught of neon and peplum and leopard and stripes and glitter and collars and bib necklaces.

Neon yellow bag on IFB conference attendee, one of the many trends on display.

Not only did the totality of every single style from the H&M window and Man Repeller overwhelm us; they seemed to overwhelm many attendees who attempted to pile most on at the same time. Think about it: here we were, at a conference of FASHION bloggers who write about CLOTHES, with only TWO DAYS of OUTFITS to best display eaches individual BRAND. Given this fact, it makes sense that many layered on as much as they could as to not leave any trend or style unturned.

My subdued grey outfit: Vivienne Westwood Sack boots, Kelly Wearstler pants, Helmut Lang T, Timex watch.

Did I mention how young everyone was? The smooth unlined faces full of hope, passion and curiosity not yet ravaged by bad jobs, bad loves and bad luck? Somehow, being surrounded by them didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would (you’ll have to ask Jslow how she feels about this, but I think she agrees with me.) Maybe I humored myself with the knowledge that I could afford better shoes. More likely, it was the fact that our longer lives and experiences gave us more material to draw from, both good and bad.

Anyway, it all made for a fascinating two days of panels and meetings and lunches and shopping.

What trend was the most prevalent at the IFB conference?  I have to say that it was the mixing of different shapes and sizes and colors of…people.

I’ve never been in a room full of so many women (and a few men) who were tall and short, round and slim, black, brown, white and every color in-between, all there for the love of blogging about fashion. It truly was a beautiful trend that I hope never goes out of style.

How did we hold up? Thank god, better than most Forever 21 outfits. 😉

Stay tuned for reports from Lincoln Center. Time to rummage through the big white marshmallow bag for the right ensemble.

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  1. Paula

    Thanks Rebecca. I wish they were a tad more comfortable. They’re basically a pump in a bag, and pumps kill me. At least the bag hides the blood and band-aids. Have fun at PG’s party tonight, give all my love. xoxo

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