It’s a little hard having to follow the Ode To Dad post.

I’m sitting on the couch after 10pm, having finished reading to the kids, tucking them into bed, doing the dishes, downing a glass of wine and returning a slew of emails. I’m now hoping that my recorded The Voice will bring me some inspiration. I watch it with the sound off. I just like to look at Blake. He’s not my type, but I do think he’s kind of cute…and really tall. It’s a weird crush. And embarrassing. Lets move on.

I’m not interested in clothes or style or fashion right now. Surprisingly, it’s been a few days of I-really-don’t-care. Even putting looks together feels painful and uninspired. Whatevs. It’s saving me a few bucks and time in front of the mirror. It won’t last. Well, the mirror part will. I hate any time in front of it and avoid it at all costs.

Paula and I have a lot in common on any given day. Beyond our obsession with style and fashion, both of our Dad’s were coaches.

Since we started Blank Stare, Blink, Paula has not referred to me as Jennifer, but Jslow. This confuses most of my friends. They keep asking me who Jslow is. It’s me.

The whole nickname thing comes from the coach affliction. Paula has this affliction more than I do. However, I do have a nickname for Paula. It’s PS (personal shopper)—but I call her that in the comfort of our own personal emails.

Jslow came about during a sewing class we took together years and years ago. Paula was a fast and furious sewer, while I was more the perfectionist and methodical one. Jennifer Lopez happened to be everywhere in her JLo phase. So there you have it. JLo + me + slow sewer = Jslow. It’s goofy and only Paula is allowed to call me that.

What does this have to do with fashion? Nothing. But more than one person has asked for an explanation. I’m going to bed now. Good Night!

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  1. kellypagnac@yahoo.com'

    Oh the places you and Paula go! I love all the meanderings and threads you both weave in your brief and thoughtful ways.

  2. makeupbystacymc@gmail.com'

    I have a crush on Blake too! I like his little accent and how tall he is. You should put the sound on. He’s really snarky towards Christina. It’s awesome to see. 🙂 xo

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