My Little Pony

That is me in the photo to the left, the first and last time I ever sat on a pony or a cowboy hat sat on my head. For whatever reason, the whole Wild-West/Country thing didn’t “take.”

Which is why I still can’t shake the image of JSlow at a Dude Ranch out of my mind, Golden Goose boots not withstanding. I know when one is a mom with kids, ala JSlow, one needs to fashion family vacations around keeping kids corralled. Or so I’m told. Selfish childish people like me only have to entertain ourselves (which is not easy, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Clearly ponies and ranch life have crept into my sartorial subconscious as I’ve been bombarding JSlow with links to boots and bags, most of which, she pointed out, involved the pony.

Horse Sweater, Jean-Charles De Castelbajac.

She was right, as even a few weeks back I posted about my love for these pony Givenchy boots: It wasn’t just the shape or color of the boots that enchanted me; the pony pushed them over to perfection.

Pony skin adds tremendous texture and edge to apparel and accessories with a level of sophistication that more traditional furs or faux furs don’t provide. Don’t get me wrong; I love all manner of fur, but the fluff-factor can be over-the-top and tough to pull-off, especially when enlisted for everyday errands. Pony hair is short, straight and shiny, which anyone can put on. Who knew something from the country could deliver such a down-town vibe. So quit horsing around with fur, and pony-up for pony. Giddy-up!


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    This post could not ring any truer for me as well. I am practically leader of the anti-horse club and yet horse prints are slowly bombarding my thoughts. I always love equestrian on the runway and pony hair footwear is just too good.. I can never resist.

    Would love to see you. Shoot me a text/email sometime soon. State starts back next week, and of course my semester is still up in the air with class availability….


  2. Paula

    So glad you like the post! And you are right about equestrian, as it always looks so regal.
    Would love to see you too. I’ll send you dates. Also the girls have been asking about their fairy godmother. xoxo

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