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As some of you may or may not know, I keep a “Fashion I Want” excel chart where I log and keep track of clothes and accessories I want to buy by category: Shoes, outerwear, pants/skirts, tops, bags and jewelry. I also have a “shopping/beauty” monthly budget, also in excel.

The first chart is limitless and represents my dream closet for the season. The second chart has limits and represents my real closet for the season.

And there lies the rub. All I can say is that sometimes “Acne Tassel Ankle Strap Sandals” ends up in the “Food” category.

Jslow and I pass links and photos of potential purchases daily. These cross-country communiqués ramp up during the weekend, especially on my side, as I have much more time to study and browse all of the new arrivals across my favorite sites:  La Garconne, Oak, Creatures of Comfort, Farfetch, Luisaviaroma, SSense, TheCorner, Net a Porter, Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf, ebay, Yoox, Aloha Rag, and all of those in between.

We like to think our closets are museums, fashion is art, our bodies our canvases and our jobs curators of our museums to amass the perfect collection. Thus the attention to finding the perfect pieces to display and hang.

Here is an actual exchange that took place Saturday morning.

I send this link to these Marques’Almeida chunky platform sandals from Opening Ceremony:

Me:  “I can’t defend these but I love them.”

Jslow:  “Oh holy god.”

Jslow: “I’m having flashbacks to OWNP (OWNP is the ad agency where we met – here’s a photo from that era in the mid-late 90s for your reference, including big bulky platforms, the style I stomped around in most of that decade):

Me: “They come from Vivienne Westwood and Preen” (the team behind this new label.)

I send Jslow this link to their site.

Jslow:  “That is some crazy shit.”

What to do, what to do.

I get this a lot:

Jslow:  “Don’t you have like 5 pairs like that?” Me:  “Well, not with the same heel height and color.” Sometimes, I preface my potential purchase with,”this fills a hole in my wardrobe.” Most times, Jslow is not buying it.

I have decided that the hole in my wardrobe is platform sandals, as I purged all of mine years ago.  Somehow, for reasons I can’t explain, I want a pair. I’ve been sending Jslow dozens of links and photos of potentials, and although they are all cute and cool and stylish, none give me that feeling of sheer joy and discovery and “I can’t wait to wear these” like this big bulky chalky-white pair above.

Stay tuned.  I have not pulled the trigger, yet. But I’ve got a nice spot in my museum, waiting.

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    Colleen Bailey

    If Carrie Bradshaw can have an entire room of just shoes, you can have your museum piece. I’d hate to think of you on your deathbed lamenting the shoes that got (walked) away. (But i do agree with JSlow–those are some crazy shit…) wear them with attitude my friend.

    1. Paula

      You do have a point. Ms. Bailey, I think of you often during this election cycle as you are one of the few fellow political nerds I know. Hope you are well. xoxo

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