Not Enough Band-Aids

Sadness, made with Band-Aids and tape, by Paula Mangin.

This is a fashion blog. But writing about fashion in light of the recent tragedy just seems so wrong, at least for right now.

I don’t have kids so I know it’s harder for me to relate. But Jslow does, a lovely daughter who’s the same age as those killed on Friday. I can’t imagine how parents feel right now. I can’t imagine how those parents feel right now.

I just read that since the Friday Newtown shooting, guns have injured over 300 people and killed another 160.

Your kids deserve better. Those little angels who died deserve better. We all deserve better. Help stop the violence.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is a place to start.

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    Susan Willis

    I already signed up with my local Chapter of the Brady Center.
    I did so late Saturday night. It is a good place to start.
    I intent to march, protest and get organized. We all must.


    Your words were well said. This is a tragedy that has left most of the country broken-hearted I think. There is no way to get our minds around that level of sorrow – no way – but I feel certain that some form of gun control will come out of it all . . . finally.

  3. Paula

    Thank you Norma and Susan for your comments. Jennifer and I both have been so moved by this and truly hope something good can come out of such bad….in the way that will bring peace to the millions of children who deserve to live in a country less violent.

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