Occupy the Red Carpet

The Golden Globes.  The Grammys.  The Oscars.  It’s Awards Season. (Sorry, the People’s Choice Awards don’t count.)

And that means miles and miles of red carpet, occupied by the 1 percent.

The 1 percent who control the majority of fashion influence, fashion coverage and fashion ass kissing.  The 1 percent who have the money and power to afford stylists, hair and makeup people, trainers, free designer gowns and all manner of help to render them skinny and tight and HD ready.

We are the 99 percent.  And we want to rip the red carpet from beneath the Prada Pumps of the fashion elite and help bring about fashion equality.

Stay tuned here for our coverage of the 99% of the red carpet who don’t have the resources and don’t get the respect they deserve.

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