Owed To Donna

One year ago today, Blank Stare, Blink was launched. The idea of the blog was conceived after attending Donna Karan’s Spring 2012 Collection.

On reflection, Blank Stare, Blink hasn’t covered much Donna Karan territory over this last year. And really, that’s just not cool.

Blank Stare, Blink celebrates women—and who better a spokesperson for women than Donna Karan, a woman who designs for women. She’s a mother, a grandmother and a philanthropist through her foundation, Urban Zen.

Starting with her now iconic bodysuit, Donna Karan was launched in 1984.

“Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul,” says Donna Karan. “For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman, with all the complications, feelings and emotions.”

She revolutionized a woman’s way of dressing, devising the Seven Easy Pieces system. Using only luxe, quality and modern fabrics that evoke sensuality, security and freedom of movement she feels your wardrobe—with easy adjustments—should go from day to evening, weekday to weekend, season to season. With only a bodysuit, classic white shirt, trouser, blazer, coat, a leather piece and an evening piece —especially with sequins—in your closet, these gorgeous basics should wrap and sculpt the body and celebrate you as the gorgeous gal you are.

However, for Karan, it’s not just about clothes, but about lifestyle. Balancing comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.

Only a woman would understand how this combination would be successful and one that women would clamor for.

Thank You, Donna, for championing women. For making us sexier than we already are. For making us comfortable in our skin. For wrapping us in cashmere and making sure our shirts stay tucked in. Thanks for understanding that to be a woman is powerful and should be celebrated and there’s nothing wrong with looking killer while we kill it step by step, day by day, year by year.

Thanks for letting us be uninvited guests at your show. You inspired us to inspire others. If we can be .000001% as helpful to women as you have been…well…we won’t be doing so bad.

With Love and Admiration. Blank Stare, Blink

Here are the seven easy and beautiful pieces I hope to have hanging in my closet some day.

Iconic Bodysuit @ netaporter.com, Blazer @ netaporter.com, Crisp White Shirt @ nordstrom.com, Leater & Cashmere Cozy @ stylebop.com, Trousers @ stylebop.com, Gold Sequin Dress @ netaporter.com, and Cashmere Coat @ bergdorfgoodman.com.

All of the above and much, much more can be found at donnakaran.com.

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