Policing the Fashion Police

I just read a great piece in the current issue of New York Magazine (“The Classifieds — A Workplace Confidential” http://nymag.com/news/features/insiders-2012/) where people of various professions are interviewed about what a day in the life of their job is really like.

For example, a plastic surgeon talked about how useless lipo is (good to know.)  And a cop cops to officers who drink and drive and get DUI’s, which is ironic, but makes sense given how stressful that line of work is.

What does this have to do with fashion you might ask?

I turned on E!’s “Fashion Police” to get their take on the Golden Globe’s best and worst dressed, but couldn’t get past the first minute.  There sat Joan and Giuliana (I wish there was spell check on my sketchpad, but oh well) and Kelly in some pretty god-awful get-ups, and I’m thinking, “how can I take any of this seriously?”

Since they are supposed to be “experts” in fashion, I found this ironic.  I mean, who wouldn’t.

But then I remembered the piece about the cops in New York Magazine.  And noted that yes, the job of “Fashion Police” is pretty stressful, so they can be granted this huge infraction.

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  1. hillaryfrileck@mac.com'

    I was just thinking about that when I watched the other night – what they wear on the show is pretty horrendous and I’m supposed to listen to their opinions on who looks amazing?

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