The Kids’ Table

“The Kids’ Table,” Thanksgiving 2012.

The other day in preparation for Thanksgiving here at my flat, I stopped by my favorite local candy store called, fittingly, “The Candy Store.” It’s the most heavenly place on earth. The reason for my visit, aside from needing to replenish my stash of gummy hearts and cinnamon bears, was to buy some Thanksgiving confections to lure the three young girls who will be in attendance to “The Kids’ Table.”

Kids Table bait #1: the chocolate turkey.

My dining room table is too small for all of us, so the kids will be banished to the Eero Saarinen table in the kitchen who’s mid-century design creds will fly over their little heads.

Kids’ Table bait #2: chocolate fall leaves.

This brought back memories of Thanksgivings spent at my cousin’s house, parked at the folding table off to the side. While Grandpa Pete and Uncle Jerry sipped fancy cocktails garnished with maraschino cherries and olives over at the adult table, we shoveled cherries in our mouths and shoved olives on our fingers at the kids’ table, patiently waiting for our turkey. And even though we had our own fun at our own table, we yearned to graduate to the adult table and trade barbs with Noni and dad. It was a rite of passage.

I liken getting older to graduating to a life at the “Adults’ Table” and all of the good that comes with it. Our “table” isn’t as small and rickety as that folding table at Aunt Maria’s; it’s bigger, more stable, and filled with family we’ve grown up with and friend’s we’ve met along our the way. Sure it has scratches and stains and wobbly legs, but it’s earned every one.

So this year I’m giving thanks to be firmly seated at the “Adult’s Table” of fashion, and savoring this time of having a more relaxed sense of self, the experience to have firmer ideas of what works and what doesn’t, and more money to afford less rickety stuff. The soft touch of cashmere and silk against the skin is so much sexier than the need so show it off, a true Adult Table revelation.

Kids’ Table bait #3: the giant retro lollipop.

Here’s to hoping the girls will be suckered (please excuse the  very bad visual pun, but look at that big, beautiful retro lollipop from the Candy Store!) into their fate at the Kids’ Table this year. And hopefully they’ll look back fondly at this Thanksgiving years down the road when they are setting up a Kids’ Table for their own, wearing the softest mohair possible.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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