Who Let the Dogs Out?

Paula was right. I was and still am horrified by her purchase of the Worishofer shoes. It’s a personal thing. Much like the saltwater sandals I wrote about, I get the Worishofer appeal, but I just don’t get their sartorial message. Grandma chic? Granola goddess? It’s just not my thing.

About a week before Paula’s purchase, I was getting a pedicure and the gorgeous—without a stitch of make-up—Keri Russel of Felicity fame was sitting across from me. When her red toes were dry she slipped on her black Worishofer #251’s and walked out with a smile. Wearing cute cut-offs and a short sleeved denim shirt, most likely the sold-out one from J. Crew, she looked amazing, on trend and perfectly summery. Definitely a jealousy inducing moment for me. But still not my thing.

This episode, along with Paula’s purchase, and comments from BSB readers, like Nancy, about foot ailments got me thinking about “walking shoes”. I’m the last person that should be writing about their benefits and which shoes are best for challenged feet. Unlike Paula, I have great feet. Not only are they the best looking feature on my body, they give me very little trouble. Thank You, God!

But I took the challenge seriously, did some research, a little on-line window shopping, and came up with some suggestions for our foot impaired BSB fans. Favorite brands for those with Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, corns and calluses are Taryn Rose—who happens to be an Orthopedic Surgeon, Robert Clergerie, whos philosophy takes style and form in consideration when designing an “easy to walk in walking shoe.” As well as the usual comfort guru’s Birkenstock and Worishofer.

I get it now. Some feet are dogs. But shouldn’t all dogs be treated with respect?


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