Who’s the Right Idiot?

I begin my post with a quote from British rock royalty—the fashion-forward sober reality star, and member of the Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne.

“To me, I’m 27, I’ve got three years left, the way I look at it, to have fun with it, because once you’re 30, you look like a right idiot walking around with like rainbow, bright color hair and all different things like that. So I think, for me, I’m just having fun with it as much as I can until it’s not appropriate anymore.”

Honestly, I didn’t make that up. You can watch it right here.

Kelly is a really cute girl who has always played with and changed her image. And when you play as seriously as Kelly has, and does, it becomes part of who you are. Yes, she will evolve and change and change and change. But, if she’s lucky, she’ll never have to feel her age.

I can almost guarantee that with Kelly’s adventurous spirit, she will never find Done. Unless she decides to live in Obscureville, somewhere between Middle Of Nowhere and Why Live Anymore. But I’m guessing that’s not her fate.

You are who you are from the beginning, and I think it’s like that for all of us. More than likely, as Kelly ages and crosses over the threshold of (gasp!) 30, she’ll still have the desire to express herself and fight the good fight.

However, until she is on the other side, she owes these ladies an apology.

To see more awesomeness, check out advancedstyle.blogspot.com. Just like these women, it rules.

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  1. Makeupbystacymc@gmail.com'

    As I “mature”, I’m dumbfounded with the ageism that exists. I’m a painted lady and will always remain so. It’s how I express myself, and also how I present my best image to the world. They call it makeup for a reason, and thank God for hair color too!

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