Y-3 Why Me?

The last week I’ve been slogging around New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in one of my New York Fashion Week-trip purchases that is noteworthy because they happen to be a MEN’S item: These oxblood (very on trend) Y-3 Nomad Star sneaker boots from their Fall 2012 Men’s collection.

In the world of men’s shoes, a men’s size  7, which translates into women’s 9, is the smallest they go.  I am a women’s 7.5/8, so this presents a problem.  I bought these anyway, as in a shoe like this it’s OK for my foot to slosh around in the extra space, hidden from view. Also, as has always been a strategy of mine, the bigger the shoe, the smaller the rest of the body looks. It’s all about proportion and scale.

I always lament the fact that men’s boots, sneakers, loafers and brogues tend to be much more interesting, better made, less expensive and frankly cooler than women’s. The same can be said for trousers, sweaters and blazers…practically everything. If I weren’t so jet-lagged, tired and lazy, I’d post loads of links and photos of some of my favorite men’s picks here.

To some women, having big feet is not something to celebrate. But Jslow and I both beg to differ. They anchor the body, show of the shoe, and double your prospects as the entire men’s category is yours for the taking.

So if you are a lady lucky enough to don size 9 feet or larger, by all means, check out the men’s department. Keep us posted on some of your favorites and finds.

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    1. Paula

      I’ve always loved men’s/boy’s clothes. After this post I went to Levi Store to buy a belt for Randy and left with men’s vintage 501s and 3 men’s Ts for me. Will post soon. xoxo

      1. jenniferdavis00@yahoo.com'

        Love that, can’t wait to see! Was in there the other day as well and an employee filmed me showing him how to tie my bow tie… Nothing better than menswear!

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