Ann Demeulemeester, the DemeuleMASTER

Part of my Ann Demeulmeester collection of shoes. Every pair but one is over ten years old.

Part of my Ann Demeulemeester collection of shoes. Every pair but one is over ten years old.

When Jslow posted about the Ann Demeulemeester sandals she is pondering purchasing to help her step more fashionably into Los Angeles life, I texted that I’d been coveting those same shoes, but couldn’t convert the covet to acquire due to my fear of heel heights.

But it did make me mull my own obsession with Anne Demeulemeester shoes, and why I die over pretty much everything she makes (including her clothes, but I’ll save that for a future post.)

Why, you might ask, do I love her shoes so?

Let me count the reasons – ten to be exact.

1. The leather is always soft and thick and sturdy and strong, getting better with age like your favorite pair of Levi’s.

2. 90% of her shoes use black leather (always easy and my favorite); her black cowhides are creamy and a bit matte and catch the light just so, creating a “super black” that is not flat, but layered and rich, changing character depending on the environment.

3. No breaking-in necessary. They are comfortable from the minute you put them on to the minute you take them off.

4. They’re substantial and heavy: you couldn’t break them if you hauled out a hammer and chainsaw. As such they will last forever and withstand as many re-soles as you need.

5. Due to this substansive nature, they make the rest of the body look smaller in comparison. I swear wearing her shoes is the best diet ever. Great addition to your “fat clothes” rotation.

6. They always feel current and fresh without being trendy, even when I wear a pair from ten years ago. That is magical.

7. The silhouettes and shapes are architectural yet simple, which make them interesting without the need for embellishments and other crap that will eventually date them. See point 6.

8. They go with everything. Seriously, they just do.

9. Her shoes are always utterly Ann: Simple, urban, cool, slightly gothic. A master class in how to find who you are, do it well, be confident enough to stay true to that vision no matter what is going on around you.

10. Lastly, she, and her shoes, are completely grown-up. You don’t see many “kids” running around in them; it’s usually people like Patti Smith and Tilda Swinton. Women of a certain age who are as substantial, if not more, than the heavy Demeulemeesters they sport.

My only issue? Demeulemeester is hard to spell.

Ann Demeulemeester shoes

All shoes by Ann Demeulemeester. 1: Pumps available at Farfetch. 2: Combat boots available at Farfetch. 3: Tall boots available at Luisaviaroma. 4: Platform sandals available at The Corner. 5: Strappy boots available at Farfetch. 6: Wedge sandals available at The Corner.

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