Clogging Up the Streets

This is our friend Gina, GG, Jiggly Bits. A couple of months ago she came to me with a question, “I need new mom boots. Everyone has these and I don’t want them anymore. What should I get?” I listened and agreed, but at the same time was a bit perplexed as I’m so enamored by Gina’s look. From head to toe she is exquisite: Naturally ombre surf-curls, fresh skin, happy smile, mischievous eyes, smart coat, perfect pop of color, cute jeans, and clog boots—which she does wear well.

Last week while I was waiting for a big yellow school bus to take me, my daughter and her class on a trip to make butter at the oldest house in all of New York, I turned to the left and saw this:

no. 6 clog bootsGina is right. It’s time to get some new mom boots. Clog boots are clogging up her style and the streets of Brooklyn.

Ankle boots are a wardrobe necessity but also, scarily, a huge trend. You can run the risk of looking like everyone else, but if you pick a pair that offers something uniquely you, then no one can argue that you’re not a leader. Being a fashion follower is no fun. And trust me, everyone will hear you clomping from behind the fashion pack as not only are clog boots everywhere, they are LOUD.

With Spring days away, ankle boots with dresses are a total yes. This means ankle boots can be worn year-around which warrants spending a little more on a well-made original. Some of my favorite ankle boots come from Laurence Dacade, Maison Martin Margiela and Rag & Bone. Go to and search “ankle boots” or the brands I mentioned and find a pair that’s an original, like you…and like Gina.

I can’t wait to see Gina’s shiny new shoes.

ankle boot montage1. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 @ 2. Trussardi @ 3. Maison Martin Margiela @ 4. Rag & Bone @ 5. Laurence Dacade @ 6. NDC @

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    This was hilarious. I’m a Brooklyn fashion mom trying to resist the urge to join the herd and get me some of those ubiquitous No 6 boots. I have to whine though that your suggestions are mostly painfully high heeled. The lure of the No 6 as mom boots, I think, is their comfort first.
    Short of actual Sorel snow boots, for mild winter days I love my lowish heel acne pistol boots and a many-years-old pair of Marc jacobs biker boots but need something more safe than the acne and less butch than the bikers. Wonder what will be availbile this year??

    1. Paula

      Hey! Thanks so much for writing! Yeah, I’m with you and prefer a flatter shoe. I have always LOVED the Acne Pistol boot — even THAT is too high for me these days. I’ve gotten more and more into sneakers — especially high-tops or those that look more boot-like. I love the entire suite of Rick Owens sneakers/boots and have been able to score them on ebay or The Real Real at a fraction of the cost. I love biker boots too — the more beat-up, the better. Those are so fun to find in vintage stores. A fun way to search is on I go in all of the time and search for, say, “biker boots” or “OTK boots” and loads are featured. You can do the same on, and set a “sale alert” — you get an email when what you are coveting goes on sale. Genius. Good luck! xoxo

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