Freaky Friday


Most days I fly under the radar. Invisible as Paula would say. Unnoticed, un-bothered, unaffected, going about what I do and what’s scheduled, content in my own head.

This past week has been a weird one. I’ve been spotted on the street by a reader, stopped by a “style caster”, and more than a few friend’s husbands admit they read Blank Stare, Blink. How awesome is that!

I’ve been comped two meals on two different days at two different restaurants for no reason. I’ve been cat-called and told  “God Bless you, you look great.”  Really?!?!

But the best was when I received an email with this line in it:

“Well, I just want to also let you know that I planned to read the Richard Hell autobiography today, but I started reading your blog backwards and I ended up reading it all day!  Thank you!!”

I don’t have a purchase I’m lamenting and need to complain about, or an item I’m dying for and wanted to share with you, or the answer for how to wear summer shorts when, like me, you have saggy knees. I just want to say thanks for a good week. Thanks for those of you who actually read Paula and my blog/diary on aging with style.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not invisible.

The only recommendation I do have is to compliment someone today, tomorrow, next week, and always. Notice something special about a friend, co-worker or stranger. We’re all invisible now and again, but it sure is nice to be told we aren’t always unnoticed. It’s a privilege  to go through life invisible, it really is, but it’s an honor to go through life appreciated.

Thanks, Andrea!

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    Truly wise words. All except for your “saggy knees.” I’ve seen your knees and nothing on your body is saggy!!! Whose knees are you looking at anyway?


    You could never be invisible in my eyes, but I know how you feel! Great post, nice to get the boost to brighten your day!


    OMG you made MY day! Now I don’t feel invisible. And your blog is teriffic- it really resonates with me. On another note, are those the Westwood boots that she made way back when?

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