Game Over

I’ve somehow assimilated to California living and lifestyle by the sheer luck of finding a brand.

In my pursuit of looking for another dog walking/workout outfit and wanting to avoid Lululemon at all costs (see below), I forced myself to return to a store I hadn’t set foot in for 17 years: Madison.

I have an aversion to buying workout gear. Not because I don’t work out, but because I’d rather put my dollars towards show-stopping outfits and accessories, not towards pain and sweat.

Therefore, I have two workout options I alternate between, both purchased from the downtown Brooklyn Target store circa 2008: Black head to toe, branded by Champion. A champion I am not.

In my rack rummaging at Madison I found these NSF sweats fashioned after old-school football pants. I put them on and immediately did a touchdown dance. Unconventional? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Would I look like another one of those Los Angelenos doing errands after yoga in their see-through pants? No.

I had never heard of NSF, but after doing a little research I found out they are an LA brand founded in 2005 (I know, I’m a little slow). “Relaxed, Casual and Cool” describe their customer. “Casual luxury and easy elegance” describe their clothes.

Am I as “relaxed, casual and cool” as they describe? No. But “happy” I am as I walk through the canyons with my dog and just as happy while doing The Bar Method next to an ex-Lakers girl. Not a joke.

I love how distressed, comfy and versatile these NSF separates are.

As shown below, if you change out your footwear and layer up with a little jacket, a lemonhead you are not. You just might describe yourself as “relaxed, casual and cool”…a true Californian.

You can find NSF at, and American Rag ( Both Los Angeles institutions. Both a total score.

NSF collage,


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