I Hate Fakes

The other weekend I headed to Northern California for my sister’s 50th Birthday celebration. Open bar, lava lamps, and people falling on the dance floor made for an entertaining night.

Before heading up, I stressed over what to get my sister for such an occasion. I didn’t want to bring just any old “Happy Birthday” birthday present and thought only one thing appropriate for such a significant celebration and person—diamonds.

When she opened the simply wrapped box and saw the three bangles set with diamonds and sapphires she immediately said, “You shouldn’t have gotten these for me.”

I disagree.

I hate costume jewelry, especially of late. With the meteoric rise of Manrepeller x Dannijo x Jenna Lyons x Lizzie Fortunato x instagram, I see lots of “statement pieces” fighting to make statements, each bigger and louder and shinier than the other. Statements that say, “I spent a lot of money on an accessory that will one day reveal it’s silver beneath its thin facade of gold.” All of those cut crystals, neon strings and baubles that look so pretty and vibrant right now will soon be tired and old and not invited to the party anymore.

Save up your money and go gold, ladies. 14k or 18k gold. Stay away from plated and stones that start with Swarovski.

Your jewelry box might not fill up as quickly. But as the clock ticks and the years pass, a jewelry box housing pieces as precious as you are, that hold their value and beauty just as you will, is far more interesting than one who’s contents peak too early and get forgotten before the next trend hits.

Invest in yourself, because you do deserve those diamonds and sapphires.

As I write this, Dannijo announced their first ever collection of fine jewelry, under the moniker, Fine by Dannijones, a collaboration between the girls of Dannijo and Rashida Jones. Hmmm…am I onto something? I don’t think so. Ladies have been singing about diamonds for ages.

Places to start your collection that have far more diamonds than rhinestones are antique dealers like the preeminent Fred Leighton, Nora Kogan in Brooklyn, Metier in San Francisco, and Barney’s New York – for a larger variety to choose from.

So ladies, treat yourself this holiday season, and remember to keep it real and shine bright like a diamond.

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