It’s All Golden


Not until I moved to New York seven years ago did I understand the philosophy behind clothes not touching one’s skin in the summer months.

Coming from California, and specifically San Francisco, humidity, not to mention Summer, were never factors in my daily what-to-wear ritual.

August 1, 2006, a particularly record-breaking 99º featuring full-tilt humidity, was my first “I’m not going to make it here in New York”. After that inaugural melt-down, I vowed to have a summer wardrobe that let my soaked skin drip within the confines of it’s own space and not press up against anything that could raise it’s temperature even a smidge more.

Golden. Where have you been? Or more exactly…where have I been? Sweat is tarnishing my image!

Thanks to Golden, I’m done spending my summer months sweating through Old Navy and Gap house dresses, dying from heat and ugliness. I’m upping my game in these locally designed, locally sourced and locally made beauties by Chardean Chum, Golden’s designer/owner/and everything. Chardean’s an Australian transplant who knows how to look crisp, fresh and refined even when the forecast says you shouldn’t. Isn’t that the job of an Australian?

I love her cool color palette, all fabrics, of course, hand-dyed by Chardean. Her simple designs and unexpected lines let you, and everyone else paying attention, know that you’re wearing something special and not bought of the racks of H&M.

I picked out a gorgeous white dress in a yummy blend with a luxurious weight to it that will lend itself to evening dinners paired with “this isn’t your typical white dress” heels. My favorite part, beside the delicious fabric, is the cut of the dress. It doesn’t hug my ever-bulging, “I love to eat” mid-section, so my tummy can sweat away, and not through, as temperatures rise. I also fell in love with the Frankie jumpsuit, meticulously constructed from Japanese denim twill.

I can’t wait for their delivery. I have places to go and people to see, and since I threw away my ugly house dresses, I have nothing to wear.

Golden Montage

Top, left to right: Positano Dress, Sorrento Cowl Dress, Byron Dress. Bottom, left to right: Bondi Tee w/ Bronte Layered Skirt, Havana Dress, Frankie Jumpsuit.

All available from

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    HAHA . . . can TOTALLY relate to this. Was a huge issue for me when I lived there as well. One of my biggest problems with adaptation was that I have pretty large boobs. On which gravity has taken its toll. I absolutely can not go underwire, full-support, straps-required bra-less. Built-ins haven’t worked because they’re never the right size/support. I love that Havana Dress – it looks like it could work within the “parameters”!

    1. Paula

      There is nothing more gross than one’s own skin stuck to one’s own skin, especially of those pieces of skin are from non-adjacent parts of the body. At least when it’s covered up, no one on the outside can see the sweat-dance going on underneath. The Havana dress is adorable. Would look great on you Ms. Dykes. xo

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