It’s in the Bag

Recently I had a super cool Accessories Designer, Sarah Mitchell, visit me and my handbags in Brooklyn. Sarah’s had her own line of bags under the label Plunket + Pivet for years, and most recently lent her talent to Ralph Lauren. Accessories have always fascinated Sarah and she enjoys the whole creative thought process, the designs, the innovation and the craft behind the concepting and actualizing of an accessory. It’s the journey in it all that drives and fascinates her.

Sarah loves what she does so much she’s turned her full-time job into a hobby, with the launch of Bagavond. Bagavond is a blog for those who adore bags in all their unique shapes, sizes, purpose, and pricepoint.

Sarah had heard about my love of a good bag and was curious about what she might find in my closet. Below is the intro to her post on me. Visit Bagavond to see the full story and see more excellent bags from a true handbag connoisseur.

bagavond pg. 1

bagavond pg. 2For the full post, please visit Bagavond. Sarah took some pretty exceptional pictures of my collection making them look far more special than they are, and each bag has a little story.  It’s worth the click through. What are you still doing here?

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