Kitten Heels: The Purrfect Pump

As many of you know, high heels are a problem for me. Since I don’t have a car, heels are my wheels, and unless I want to be stranded on the side of the sidewalk waiting for some kind kid to tow me, they just won’t do. And just as the price of heels continues to rise, so have the heights, from the more modest 3 to 4 inch range to above 5 and 6, which frankly is dangerous and just looks slutty. And on ladies in our age range, also screams cougar. It just does.

Thank god for the kitten. As in kitten heel.

Structured like the mother (or cat) of all heels, the spike, the kitten heel is shorter, squatter, cuter and more comfortable. Hell, you can even play basketball in them (…feels like a sneaker, looks like a pump.”

Many high end designers latched on to this more modest heel trend, most notably Nicholas Kirkwood, who’s known for his extravagant takes on high-heeled pumps and stilettos. As such, the kitten heel has pounced down to the more reasonably priced brands and price ranges, bringing both the heel height, and cost, down to earth.

There have never been more styles, colors, materials and looks to choose from. Never fear, We are here to help! Below are some of our favorites, from the very affordable to the not so much. Maybe they’ll inspire you to ditch the Toms or sneakers for something a little more feminine and stylish. And not only will you be able to shoot hoops in them, you’ll also be able to mom-it-up without falling down.

Here, kitty kitty kitty…..

kitten heels under $150 blankstareblinkkitten heels over $150 blankstareblink.com1: Bruno Premi cap-toe pump, 2: Bettye Muller Bardot Tartan pumps, 3: Prego yellow patent pumps, 4: Pixie Market red studded pumps, 5: Nine West Quinty pumps, 6: Zara sling backs, 7: Kartine sandals, 8: Nicholas Kirkwood, 9: Jimmy Choo snakeskin pumps, 10: Daniele Ancarani striped pumps, 11: Sophia Webster PVC slingbacks, 12: Pollini neon cap-toe pumps, 13: Casadei neon pumps, 14: See By Chloe,

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    That Easy Spirit ad is hysterical! I can’t wear heels at all, I’m 5’9″ and if I wear heels, I look like a wobbly awkward king kong, they hurt my feet.

  2. Paula

    Had you ever seen that commercial? Always made me die laughing. There are so many ways heels can hurt, and I always get so frustrated that so many of the prettiest/coolest styles are too high for me (but not Jslow — which makes me so jealous.) So this trend excites me to no end. xoxo

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