Locked and Loaded

I’ve been thinking of taking up hunting. Head-to-toe camo, hidden behind a bush, eyes set on the sky, keenly looking through a scope, trigger finger ready. Ready to shoot at that ever elusive time that’s flying by.


Let me put on my granny panties and exclaim without a question mark, “Where has the year gone!”

It’s such a cliché. “As you get older, time speeds up.” “When you have kids, time quickens.” “When you wake up, the day is over.”

But f*ck if it isn’t true. Hold on, let me get my teeth in. That’s better.

December: cocktail parties, family get-togethers, holiday dinners, religion. It’s time to dress up!

I suck at separates, always choosing a dress over multiple pieces to coordinate. Look, I don’t have time to perfect the Jenna Lyon’s J. Crew half-tuck or the Manrepeller, “this doesn’t match at all so it totally goes together” ethos.

How about changing  it up with an adult onesie? The jumpsuit.

Netaporter.com has the best selection for one-stop shopping. And when your selection arrives, left foot in, right foot in, zip up and done.

Which happily leaves you with a little time on your side for that holiday cheer.

Now that you’re locked into a look, it’s time to get loaded. (A joke. I didn’t know how else to end it)

jumpsuits, blankstareblink.com

left to right:
Valentino, Antonia Berardi, Zero+Mariacornejo, Stella McCartney, Julien David

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