Meeting Our American Idols


Regardless of our age, which is old, Paula and I are fashion rookies. Infants among infants on the steps of Lincoln Center at New York Fashion Week.

So it was with open and relieved arms that we were welcomed on our first day by the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. I’ve watched Jean and Valerie from afar via and at their own blog, This meeting wasn’t scheduled, but the universe definitely had plans for us to run into each other.  Note my “Jslow loses her shit” pose above as we were snapped by street-style photographers from Stylecaster.

Since there seemed to be a simpatico between the four of us, Jean and Valerie suggested we meet up for a drink if we had the time. OMG! We were dying. Dying because we were honored to be invited, and dying because we had been up since 6:30 a.m. and wanted to head home and go to bed after a very long day.

Total and absolute losers. How could we be balking at this invitation?

Paula and I came up with a plan to eat light, and drink cappuccino’s before our “date” to help us stay awake. We got a text from Jean telling us to meet the two of them in the East Village. Walk through “so-and-so” restaurant, go through an unassuming door in the back, up the stairs and through a swinging door to find a hidden speakeasy.

Of course. We were out hipstered. We find this funny.

It was an amazing evening of drinks, chocolate and chips. What we learned? Jean and Valerie have been life-long style gals. They love vintage over contemporary and thrift stores over spendy ones. They look like a million bucks even though they don’t spend full retail on current trends. They sit comfortably in their own expressive skins, and are complete originals. Don’t cop their style, but do cop their attitude and tips at

We’re dying to meet up again. Just hoping next time we aren’t such babies.

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