Memory Lane

black borderLong, long ago, back in Middle and High School, I was a Rockabilly Girl. If you’re wondering what that is, imagine Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, a ’57 Chevy, pompadour, creepers, bustier, poodle skirts, fishnets, red lips, pink nails, pumps and always, always a leather jacket.

My leather of choice was the Schott Motorcycle jacket. Classic, tough, cool and totally Brando in “Rebel Without A Cause”. That’s me in my Schott circa 1988.

With my recent closet clean out, I’ve realized a very large portion of me is still that fifteen-year-old, swing dancing and beer drinking girl in the alley.

The pinup silhouette continues to be a favorite and happily works for me. I feel cute and sexy in a smokin’ pump and cigarette skirt. What’s missing from my rack, besides a cup size, is that tough leather jacket. My Schott was stolen from a show circa 1992 and I guess I decided to move on instead of replace it.

I’m now officially on the hunt for the leather jacket to take me into the age of my ’50s to amp up my 50’s vibe. And since my shows of choice usually involve kids on stage singing Lennon, the chances of my new jacket being stolen, thankfully, are slim.

If price were no object, I’d be getting this exquisite Alexander McQueen masterpiece. But at $6,000 it might have to wait for my 80’s moment…as in 80th birthday.

McQueen @matches.comHere’s some other leathers I have my eye on. They’re no McQueen, but Steve was never my guy and definitely not my decade.

leather montagefrom left to right: ACNE Studios “Mape” Leather Jacket, Vivienne Westwood “Bounty”, Rick Owens “Asymmetrical”

I’m not sure which one I’ll end up with, but I can’t wait to have the smell of leather back in my closet. Let me know which one you think I should give a hanger to.

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    Paula Mangin

    I vote Acne. I saw it in person last night and it’s such a perfect update of the Schott: soft, not as boxy, will get better with age just like Jslow….


    Definitely Vivienne Westwood if you’re truly going to wait for the one you wish you could get. And a little advice: Don’t wait until you’re 80 for the jacket of your dreams; you will no doubt forget what you wanted; and in the event that you remember, you probably will not impress anyone in “the home.” I say if you can justify it – do it!


    Talk to Justin at Glory.
    Maggie got me a Lewis Leathers jacket that’s finally breaking in from him. He’s got real vintage and new motorcycle coats from 40’s on up.

    I’m actually deciding which engineer boots to get!

    On the Tube


    Westwood. Looks closest to the masterpiece but probably at a much better price. Now you have me thinking……since my 50’s are approaching faster than yours, maybe I’ll buy……….

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