Pearls! Pearls! Pearls!

(title inspired by Motley Crüe’s, Girls! Girls! Girls!)

Last time I checked, though both of Italian descent, neither Paula nor I were hanging with AdR at Cisternino for the month of August. Nor were we in the Hamptons, Paris or on-line shopping.

Summer is over, and I think we would both say confidently that we completely missed the sun and shine and Blank Stare, Blink.

Just like any good friendship, cycles sync. And we somehow synced moving into new homes at exactly the same time—August. (Sorry AdR, next year!)

School has started. NYFW one day in. And Blank Stare, Blink is back up and running…finally.

As I type, none of the drool-worthy runway shows have happened in my beloved New York, so I’ll tell you what’s been on my mind. Pearls. Really big, gaudy, silly—Pearls!

Lagerfeld put them on everyone’s mind during the Chanel Spring 2013 RTW collection, and like any good idea, it takes time for it to percolate and translate to the masses.

Go big for fall. And while you’re at, save the money and DIY! Here’s some inspiration.

pearl montage, blankstareblink.com1. Chloé blouse@, 2. MIA clutch @, 3. Tom Binns necklace @, 4. Balmain pants @, 5. Boohoo shorts @, 6. Ears @,  7. Knuckle ring @, 8. Alexander McQueen pumps @

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