Stephen Colbert Provides the Last Word in Lululemon Lashing

To complete our week of Lululemon lashing, we offer you this hilarious video by Stephen Colbert, who during his “Alpha Dog of the Week” segment not only rips Chip Wilson a new one (I guess he doesn’t need Lululemon’s “Second Chance Pants,”, but a rather a “Second Chance Ass) but also brings to light still more startling facts about the man who blamed his customer’s thighs for his faulty apparel.

Stephen Colbert Chip Wilson "the Pill"Here you can watch Chip blame “the pill” on divorce, and expose his racist side by noting how he loved the Lululemon name and all of the “L”s because he was amused by how hard it was for Asians to pronounce.

You can’t make this stuff up. So ladies, don’t make this guy any richer.

Here is the complete segment. Enjoy and have a great weekend. xo


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  1. Paula

    Ha! I have a huge crush on Jon Stewart, who Jslow took me to see a few years back. He’s in my “hot-tub” which also contains Anthony Bourdain and Larry David, men I find mentally and physically alluring. xo

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