“These Are A few Of My Favorite Things…”

That's what I like about me: my hair stands up on it's own. No electronics required.

That’s what I like about me: my hair stands up on it’s own. No electronics required.

Wow. Jslow really moved me with her Wednesday post. Moved me to get off my ass, get my hair and makeup done, and be kinder to myself because if I we can’t love ourselves, who else can?

So Jslow, below are my ten favorite things about myself. The next time I feel crappy, I promise to read this list and snap out of if.

1) The size of my jeans is half the number of my age. Nothing like “old” math!

2) My hard-earned fibroid and appendicitis scars, etched into my stomach, form a perfect cross below my belly button.


3) I can draw Fred Flintstone faster than anybody in the world. I’m serious. I hold an actual record.

4) I have a nice rack.

rack5) My dry, frizzy, progressively gray hair can be shaped and molded into various shapes, like a sculpture, without any drying or heating tools, so electricity or lack thereof is never an issue during travel.

6) My handstands take two tries tops, and I can hold a headstand for almost 4 minutes.

handstand7) I can bake just about the best pie I have ever eaten, and can blow into anyone’s kitchen and make one without a cook-book. Same thing with caramel sauce.


8) My hand-eye coordination, which makes me dangerous at ping-pong, paddle-ball, and plenty of other ball-related activities

ball9) That my brain refuses to take the easy route, always challenging and pushing my thoughts, even when they make me anxious or sad, because in the end I’m better for it

10) I have a nice rack.

So if you don’t mind, I’m about to head off to yoga and pop into a handstand. Have a great weekend. And thanks, Jslow, for reminding us all that we kick some serious ass.

Because….”I simply remember my favorite things…and then I don’t feel so bad.”

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