KTZ Skates By Ugly

More than occasionally Paula and I come across a fashion item that can only illicit a mouth agape reaction and the words “what?!what?!”

As both advocates and lovers of avant garde, are we allowed to say when we think an idea has gone too far? Or, maybe just for the greater good of humor, it feels soul soothing to have a little chuckle now and again. Laughing does keep you looking younger.

Has BSB found the answer to what to wear since Sketchers knocked off and knocked out the Isabel Marant Hidden Wedge Sneaker as the reigning “it” footwear selection?

Whomever came up with this pair of what?!whats?! must have really excelled in Woodshop, and totally sucked in Physical Education.

These KTZ sneakers available in either black or white at luisaviaroma.com are a whole lot of crazy for $948. Even ugly can be expensive!

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