Working That Towel

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top: Chanel Spring 2014 endless line of looks
(l to r) Marc Jobs final walk for LV, Saint Laurent luxury? and Rick Owens breaking stereotypes

Finally, the month long assault on our senses, which ironically enough is called Fashion Week, is over. In Paris—the birthplace of fashion and our final destination, Karl Lagerfeld unleashed over 90 Chanel looks?! Marc Jacobs took his final bow for Louis Vuitton—surprise!, Saint Laurent confused, and Rick Owens inspired. In a mere five months, it will happen all over again for the Fall/Winter 2014 collections. All this viewing has me desperately wanting to get into some brick and mortar stores.

On Wednesday, I wrote about the isolation I felt looking at so many on-screen images. And then there’s the fact that stunning photography of (sometimes) stunning clothing worn by stunning giraffes distorts how good or bad it actually looks until we feel it, touch it, and try it on. Plus, we’ll have to wait many months before any of what we just saw is hanging on the racks, if it makes it that far. But in the meantime, there’s a whole lot of stores filled to the brim with Fall/Winter 2013 collections that walked off the runway only six months ago.

Which gets me to that confusion again. I want what I just saw, but can only access what was quickly forgotten but now hanging in stores. Ahhhh, this is what everyone is complaining about. The churning out of fashion. This now huge business that is losing its artistry.

Who can afford this madness? Which gets me back to style.

Fashion is a losing game. Unless you’re a billionaire or receive gifts from the prominent houses because you’re a tastemaker, there is absolutely no human way to keep up.

I’m not saying you should throw in the towel. I’m saying pick that towel up off the bathroom floor and wear it as a cape, wrap it into a dress or turn it into a turban. Your closet is your oyster. And if it’s not, shut-down your computer, get into your favorite independent store, and hug something really beautiful that speaks to you and only you.

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