A Girl’s Girl

L'Wren Scott, blankstareblink.com

L’Wren Scott’s final collection Spring 2013.
L’Wren bottom row, right.

We are fragile. So it struck me when Paula criticized Lena Dunham’s body from Girls. Then with the news of the designer L’Wren Scott committing suicide on Monday, I just felt awful.

We are fragile.

Either doughy and tatted or statuesque and chiseled. It doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in our head and heart that runs the show.

From the outside L’Wren had it all. Looks—a former model. Love—Mick Jagger’s significant other for 13 years. Talent—designer of her namesake brand, a costumer for films and stylist for many a starlet.

No suicide note.

Friends and colleagues left to wonder why.

Her brand in serious debt. Was this the reason? Was her life not worth more than a company folding?

We are fragile.

Lena Dunham has it all, too.  Looks—cover girl for Vogue and Elle. Love—rockstar boyfriend. Talent—hit show on HBO, host of SNL, soon to be author.

But at what price? Is her head and heart ok with the insults and criticism of her physicality?

We are fragile.

Handle With Care.

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  1. aratner@nyc.rr.com'

    I just had to share my thoughts about this. On Sunday, I received an email from barneyswarehouse.com heralding the fact that L’wren Scott’s fragrance was now on their site- at 50% off! It is no longer carried in the main store. I remember reading about the launch, back in 2012 (really, not very long ago, but eons in fashion) where they held a party in her honor at the Pierre Hotel during fashion week with Mick Jagger in attendance and a very select guest list. When I read the email, all I could think was, “wow, I thought she was so successful, and now her fragrance is marked down?” The next day I received, as most everyone else did, an email saying that she had killed herself by hanging. I couldn’t help wonder if this was just another thing that might have threw her over the edge. I know that it’s a silly, inconsequential thing, but when you are in such a fragile emotional state, something like that might have served to underscore her feelings of failure. How very sad for her and everyone who knew her. If she had only reached out.

  2. Paula Mangin

    Jslow, I just have to comment as this is such a beautiful and insightful post. And you rightly called me on the carpet for criticizing Lena Dunham. I guess that poorly worded sentence was more about how tired I was with seeing her body — no matter what shape that body took — not that fact that it is any particular shape.

    Anyway, thanks for this post. We all are fragile, and we need to take better care of each other.


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