Andy Cohen Marries Buster Posey

How’s that for click-bait?

Actually, it’s true. Sort of.

Last night I attended a book signing for Bravo’s Andy Cohen, and then moved on to the Castro Theater where he did a Q&A with Rashida Jones.

Me and Andy Cohen. Note his half-smile, lean-away, "Get me the fuck out of here" posture. Andy, I don't blame you.

Me and Andy Cohen. Note his half-smile, lean-away, “Get me out of here” posture. Andy, I don’t blame you.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t really dish too hard on who’s the craziest or dumbest housewife, which took the fun out of most of their conversation. He did say that “Million Dollar Listing” is coming to San Francisco, which is real news and excites me to no end.

But the best part came when the conversation turned to baseball. Apparently Andy is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and loves the game in general. An audience member asked Andy who his favorite San Francisco Giant is (Hunter Pence!), but even better, asked Andy to play FMK, also known as Fuck/Marry/Kill, a game Andy conceived of on his own Bravo! show Watch What Happens L!ve. The game was played with these Giants players:

Madison Bumgarner

Buster Posey

Tim Lincecum.

I could see this going so many ways. Suffice it to say by the title of this post, he marries Buster. Gets intimate with Madison and kills Timmy.

He Killed Timmy!

This killed me.

I will never be able to watch another Giant’s game without picturing Andy banging Madison over Timmy’s grave before returning home to his husband Buster.

The end.

What this has to do with shopping and style is unclear. But sometimes a good story is all you need for inspiration.

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