Blank Stare, Bravo!

I’ve heard it before that the name of our blog, Blank Stare, Blink, doesn’t make a lot of sense. I think it makes perfect sense, especially if you read the About Us section. But I also realize that most of you haven’t, or won’t.

Blank Stare, Blink is a description of the frozen faces of the front-row elites at Fashion Week New York, London, Paris and Milan, taking fashion and themselves way too seriously.

Paula and my reaction to fashion is the polar opposite. We get giddy from a good outfit, ecstatic over a sale score, amused by our individual wants of wacky, and elated by new collections.

If I were ever to sit front row, it would be hard to contain me in my seat. I’d weep with joy. Smile, laugh and clap out of turn. I’d drool, grab and scream at the brilliant ideas people dream in their brains and then birth onto the runway. There would be nothing blank about my stares.

Jeremy Scott for Moschino,

I would say that maybe, just maybe, the front row almost got to experience what I wouldn’t be able to suppress by watching Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino yesterday in Milan. Moschino’s heritage is founded on Franco Moschino’s colorful, eccentric and social commentary of the world. And there’s no better contemporary designer working today that fits into Franco’s shoes more perfectly than the Kansas City bred designer Jeremy Scott.

Boy did Jeremy Scott serve up an in-your-face sensory overload. Reflecting the pace of our world and what is deemed most important, CONSUMPTION, his commentary on insta-food, insta-fame, insta-brands and insta-fashion was an insta-classic. I say, ORDER NOW! at I’ll take the #2 combo with extra smiles on the side. YUM!

Moschino finale,

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    I think Jeremy Scott is American. From somewhere in the midwest. Just googled him. He’s from- can you believe it?- Kansas City! Good post!