Dying for Rose Colored Glasses

White_Flag_Hat@ sampdla, blankstareblink.comI’ve never understood the need to label things, especially age. I think fondly to my husband who is 49, but looks 35 and more importantly has a mind of a 13 year-old with the responsibility and grace of a 72 year old. Or my Grandma Anita who died at 97 and swore that she never was conscious of her digits; only while passing a mirror or other reflective surfaces did she remember that she wasn’t 18. Her secret? Never sitting for too long, or watching too much TV, recommending instead a daily walk and listening to NPR when she couldn’t sleep, which was often.

Retirement is a word that means a state of done. I’m hoping that Paula will never retire even if she does decide to land forever in Portland. Or as my 11 year old recommends, Nevada, “because it’s a state without taxes.” No matter where we live, what our age or color of hair, I hope to always remain curious to challenge, explore, educate and dream on.

Retirement is for those who are done. And I don’t plan on getting done until I’m in a box. I’m hoping Paula is with me on this.

For those of you who need an attitude adjustment or mind-shift,  may I suggest a nice new pair of rose colored glasses. Paula, order some immediately. You sound like you’re about to waive the white flag. Put it down and retire your attitude.

rose colored glasses, blankstareblink.com1. Tory Burch ‘Peggy’ toryburch.com, 2. Prada ‘Teddy’ aviator @ mytheresa.com, 3. Super @ jcrew.com, 4. Linda Farrow ‘Clubmaster’ @ matchesfashion.com, 5. Elizabeth and James ‘Hoyt’ @ nordstrom.com, 6. Stella McCartney @ 6pm.com, 7. Oliver Peoples x Isabel Marant @ shopbop.com

(The hat up top is from STAMPD Los Angeles. It’s the only white flag I approve of.)

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  1. jk_connell@yahoo.com'

    And to understand that middle age is just that, the middle of your life. No more no less. But then again that would be the hippie in me who loves rose colored glassed

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