Going Commando

I have never felt normal.

Normal things make me feel abnormal, which makes me uneasy.

This is not normal. But it is my normal.

Therefore, in order to navigate what normally is a non-issue for most normal ladies, I deploy one of two sartorial strategies:

1) CUT IT OUT: Use scissors to cut the knees, necks and toes out of jeans, tops and boots, and/or

2) SWITCH IT OUT: Wear something intended for one use for another, less obvious one (i.e. wear a knit skirt as an infinity scarf.)

Commando slip worn as tennis dress

Commando slip worn as a tennis dress.

As you know by my last post, I recently returned from Tennis Camp. As luck would have it, the Tennis “skorts” I ordered didn’t arrive in time to make the trip, so my friend Lisa loaned me one of hers (she doesn’t even play tennis, but loves wearing them as summer garb, nailing strategy #2 above.)

It was comfortable. Yet I felt uncomfortable. Fellow “campers” said I looked cute. Yet I felt anything but. I was court appropriate. Which made me feel inappropriate. I blended in. So I wanted out. Of. That. Skirt.

What could I do? Back in my room, I riffled through my stuff and settled on sweats and slips: The sweats I could cut into shorts, but the slip — I slipped it on and felt that immediate jolt of joy I get when I’ve solved a problem and nailed an ensemble.

Back on the court, I was met with, “wow, love your tennis dress!.” When I revealed the revealing numbers’ real purpose, I felt victorious, even though my match results proved otherwise.

commando tights

I can’t recommend Commando enough. Independently founded and owned by Kerry O’Brien, she notes, “When you have the right foundations, you feel that much more confident and beautiful…every single thing commando makes is designed to make women love getting dressed.” She continues, “I want them to smile when they slip on their commando.”

Well, I smiled and I’m smiling now, as the more I research Commando and their products, the happier I am about the company, their sense of humor and real sense of what women want in undergarments.

Last week when I posted the above picture of me on Facebook, my friend Stormi responded that “underwear as sports attire has a long history with you”, rightfully reminding me about the time I wore a sports bra and underpants as swimwear at the Silverado Country Club pool. So not normal. Thank god.


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