Good Night, Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey Fall 2014 pajamasNew York Fashion Week just started, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wistful for NYFW of one year ago, me and Jslow strutting through Lincoln Center trying not to care but REALLY CARING if a street photographer trained their lens sideways at us, or at least caught us in the shrapnel of a shot meant for someone else.

Our lives are such that we’ve stayed home, which is just as well as NYFW has become such a circus and really, the New York collections are, for the most part, a yawn. And we’re so sleepy these days anyway.

In this state of sluggishness I started scanning the early collections out of New York, fashion wallpaper scrolling across my screen. Until Rachel Comey nudged me awake.

Her collection of soft, slouchy and cozy separates could literally go from night to night — as in from a night out to bed. All the ingredients for complete comfort were there: drawstrings, unstructured tops and bottoms, roomy pullovers, leggings, and slippers. Even her use of leopard print to accent her looks conjures old-school Hollywood boudoir glamour, sleep mask and all.

Rachel Comey Fall 2014 2

I think Rachel Comey’s sleepy collection is the wake-up call we all need, that we can be comfortable and stylish. As editor Maya Singer aptly noted about her show, “Relaxation is the new black.”

What a dream.

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