Headphones For A Headcase: My First Video Shoot

As many of you know, last week both Jslow and I blogged about tattoos and whether or not I should get one. Turns out this is quite a hot topic, as we were contacted by Huffington Post Live to discuss our thoughts on whether tattoos are taboo in middle age. Below is the video that aired yesterday.

I was so excited to get the email asking us to participate, yet petrified at the thought of actually doing it. They make it so easy these days, as we used Google hangout to tape and air the segment. Still, I hate having my picture taken, hearing my own voice, and the deadly combination of each in motion.

Oh, and don’t even get me started as being tapped, and taped, to represent “middle age women”. Hearing that label out loud just sucks.

raspberry urbanears plattan headphonesAnyway, I clearly don’t have hair and makeup at the ready, but thankfully, due to my perfectly grown-out pinkish/purple punk pixie colored and cut by Jubilee Martinez of Hair Candy, and the makeup tips I learned from Stacy McClure that I posted about here, I felt confident — at least on the outside. The best part was that the Huffington Post producer told me to wear headphones for better sound quality, giving me the excuse to sport my trusty bright pink Urbanears which happened to match my ‘do perfectly. They are my security blanket out in the world, and would be mine in the digital world too.

And so I logged into Google Hangouts and off we went. I started out nervous as hell and even experienced that terrifying black-out in my brain where words tumble out and I have no idea what I’m saying. Miraculously I relaxed and in the end, I think it went okay — at least my friends tell me so! Me, I don’t know as I am still afraid to actually watch it. Maybe if I put my headphones on, I’ll build the courage.

And in case you’re wondering, I’m going to pass on the tattoo, at least for now. My husband and Jslow can each breathe a sigh or relief.


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  1. desiree@redoakrealty.com'
    Desiree Felger

    Not only a rock star, you are now a VSS: Video Super Star. Moreover, what skin, what bones, what a smile and better, what a soul. If it’s right for you, you’ll know it. In the meantime, don’t settle. Ahh, sounds like life advice for many things, lol. You’ve made my first day here in Berlin a joy as we just finished our first homemade spaghetti and tuna supper (channeling you). It’s beautiful here and we would love a visit from some beautiful people.

    1. Paula

      Weaver!!! OMG, this made my day! Can’t wait to hear all about Berlin, and yes, we will get there! Thanks so much for your kind words about the video! Ha, maybe my tattoo should be a giant bowl of tuna casserole! xoxoxo Give David a huge hug. Love you lots. xoxoxo

  2. silks52@hushmail.com'

    As a middle aged woman who has considered tattoos in the past (but been put off by my first husband), I must say I found your video inspiring, and I will take another look. You only have 1 life…

    1. Paula

      Hi Jacqueline: you DO only have one life, and I’ve seen first hand how happy tattoos have made my friends “of a certain age” who’ve gotten later in life. I think at this age we appreciate things more too — good luck! And thanks so much for writing. xo

    1. Paula

      Thank you Elizabeth! So kind of you to write such a nice note; I truly appreciate it! I hate being photographed or video-taped and am very self-conscious. You made my day. Have a great weekend. xoxo

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