Merry Christmas To Me

cookies giantIt’s the morning after Christmas, and as much as I love the lights and Lifetime Movies (cheesy, I know, but great background TV for baking Spritz cookies in the photo above), I’m ready to pole-vault over my birthday and New Years and move on.

Laurence Dacade red shoes

Like many of you, the holidays are hard for me too. My parents are long gone, as are grandparents and uncles. Plus, I don’t have kids, whom these holidays are really all about. Even though I have a loving husband, I feel lonely and left-out, no matter how many friends are around, my insides empty like the Toys R us shelves on Christmas Eve. No amount of apple cider (spiked, of course) or candy canes can fill that hole in my heart. Trust me, I’ve tried.

esme vie mink necklace moda

But there is a hole in my wardrobe I can fill, which I’m going to do by gifting myself with some of the most Christmas-y, bright red and festive accessories I can find, which also happen to be on massive sale.

The Laurence Dacade Gertrude loafers, resplendent in red and a big bow, are 50% off at Moda Operandi, and can be found here.

The bright red mink collar/necklace by new designer Esme Vie, is 75% also from Moda Operandi, and can be found here.

They will make me smile for many Christmases to come, even if I have to fake it.

Happy Holidays! Grrr.


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    norma Carney

    I found your words touching and know they’re understood by many who also have holes in their hearts where loved ones are missing. But the red shoes definitely brighten up everything. Love your attitude – which is 90% of life, right?!

    1. Paula

      Happy Holidays, Norma, and thanks for the support. Odd how otherwise “happy” times can cause such sadness, but you are right, a great attitude is the best accessory of all — especially when worn with bright red shoes! xo

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