Our Facelift Has Taken A Face-Plant

blankstareblink faceliftBlank Stare, blink has gone under the knife for a little digital nip/tuck. The procedure is taking longer than we anticipated, and recovery is going to be a bitch.

While we undergo more high-tech surgeries and wait for our binary wounds to heal, please sit tight. We hope to be back with our new face within the next few weeks, and be a better version of ourselves.

Gotta get back in bed. Doctor’s orders.

We miss you all.

Isn’t middle-age grand? Pass the Vicodin, please.


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    1. Paula Mangin

      Thanks Ms. Dykes! Many obstacles including lost passwords, font files, you name it. Can’t to start reading your blog! xoxoxo

    1. Paula Mangin

      Thanks so much, Petra! We’ve both really missed the blog and our readers. Hopefully the updated site will be more useful and fun for you too. xoxoxo

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