What We’re Thankful For

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A belated Happy Thanksgiving from Blank Stare, Blink.

Like all of you, we are buried in life, and were too busy and tired to post on Thanksgiving. We hope you were surrounded by family, friends and food, and made fashion choices that let you breathe sighs of relief before the meal (I look good thanks to this crisp cranberry cardigan!) and after (I feel good thanks to this yielding elastic waistband!).

Me? I battled hot flashes in a hot kitchen and ended up in an old-pair of Junya Watanabe shorts, which gave way to Bernhard Willhelm lounge pants after my fifth chocolate chip cookie and third glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Even given this discomfort, we have much to be thankful for this year. Our list, in no particular order:

  1. Coconut Oil, for caressing our cracked elbows and split ends and smelling like a Hawaiian holiday
  2. Lycra, lovely liberating Lycra, for infiltrating everything from denim to dresses
  3. Vince white V-neck T-shirts, for providing an instant boob and face-lift
  4. Footglide Anti-blister Balm for protecting our feet from blisters and blight
  5. Boast USA for putting the love into our tennis attire
  6. Pink hair, for driving the grey and blues away
  7. Backpacks, for helping us chicly schlep our stuff without splitting our spines
  8. The Esteam Jiffy travel steamer, for removing wrinkles from our clothes on the road (if this only worked on our skin…)
  9. Meeting my idols Andy Cohen and Todd Rundgren within the same week, for reminding me what it’s like to feel giddy like a school girl
  10. Sweatpants as fashion, for making post-Thanksgiving bloat easier to camouflage and creating a fashion moment, even if this moment doesn’t see the outside of the house

Pass the leftover stuffing, please.


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